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2013 Summary by LovelyTony 2013 Summary by LovelyTony

Okay….. 2013 was hardly full of art for me, 2012 and 2013 were nothing compared to 2011. This was also the year I started using Photoshop more.

January: 8th grade year was the year I actually started getting good, why? I joined an OCT in December called The Switch OCT, and I didn’t have time to make my audition into a Flash entry. So I had to do comics, I found it easier to draw in Sai, because Flash was taking too long to draw out. I was also forced to use anatomy guidelines, which became a huge part of my art that year. Here’s where the picture came from… 

February: I did Flash narrations that month, it was also the month I kind of irritated a friend by accident, and when I was told to stop, I felt really REALLY ashamed of myself. I might’ve been over-reacting that time, but I just really hate disappointing or pissing my friends off, it gives me anxiety. Here’s where the picture came from…

March: This might’ve been January actually, but I FINALLY got my gaming PC, which I’ve been dying to get for half a year. I could play my PC games properly, draw better, and multi task better too. March is when I also got Bioshock, which I’ve been clinging to for a while now, I just absolutely LOVED the game. Here’s where the picture came from…

April: Month of my birth, got 50$ on Steam, bought the Orange Box, and finally played Half-Life 2-Episode 1 (I haven’t played Episode 2 yet, I WILL though). The Half-Life series is probably one of my most favorite video game series’, next to the Bioshock series and the Oddworld series. Here’s where the picture came from…

May: I don’t remember much from this month, I definitely did a Speed Art of this picture, but I don’t remember much else….aside from the fact that April,this month, and June were the months that I tried confessing to my crush. Here’s where the picture came from…

June: I played Animal Crossing for the first time, morally because the fact EVERYONE was talking about New Leaf, and I wanted to see what was so good about the Animal Crossing series. I like it, I love my bear and duck neighbors (maybe except Joey, he’s a little boring). This was also the month where I was most sad, I never confessed to my crush, I didn’t get to talk to a really good friend of mine for a long while (Eventually in the summer she was more active, but not to the point where It was like old times….), and when signing up to go to an art highschool, I realized I’d never see people I knew from elementary anymore, I’d never see really great people (from a not so great middleschool) again; except for my best friend who persuaded me to go to the art high school. Here’s where the picture came from…

July: Attack on Titan started getting popular, I started feeling neglected, And i was pretty nostalgia hungry. It was probably one of the worst three months emotional wise, taking third place. Here’s where the picture came…

August: This is probably where a good friend of mine started to semi-completely not been able to talk for a really long while now. I’d just enter highschool, probably the best school year ever friend wise, memory wise, and work wise. But the worst year drama wise, I also started watching Dangan Ronpa, or earlier, I don’t remember. Here’s where the picture came…

September: I had met just the absolute greatest bunch of friends I had ever made. A friend whom I’d never really talk to in middle school, 3 artist friends, 4 PC gamers (one of them being one of my artist friends, and another being a full on PC gamer with Internet knowledge like me), A flash animator, a popular (or what people have said to be popular) girl who would have no intentions to ever talking to me in middleschool, and many many more. I also just begun scripting and animating a REALLY big project, being the third installation to the Flash Mash series I had made 2 years ago. Here’s where the picture came from…

October: I’d gotten to know friends I’d just met better, and got to dress up as an old man. But what I didn’t expect was for October to be the WORST month for drama, two REALLY good friends of mine got in a fight, they broke their friendship, it was absolutely terrible and hurt me. Not only that, but my friendship with my bestfriend started to fall apart, we were literally on the edge of destroying our friendship. For many reasons too, I unintentionally made him feel bad about himself, He’s misunderstanding a friend of mine JUST because of what his sister told him of them, not even bothering developing his own thoughts. Another friend of mine started hating him for that reason, but also because of his philosophy and behavior around friends. It’s just really really terrible…Here’s where the picture came from…

November: The drama between my two really online friends started to simmer down, and they both forgave each other. It’s really relieving to me, but it’s sad that their friendship is on hold. Nothing really much this month, I think this was the month I got up on stage and presented my presentation with my partner (the “popular” girl I was talking about). Here’s where the picture came from… 

December: Technically this picture wasn’t drawn in December, BUT IT WAS DRAWN ON THE 29th OF NOVEMBER, SO IT WAS CLOSE ENOUGH. But also, a picture of a flash video I did for my english class with my partner is below the robot picture. AND a preview of Flash Mash 3 on the top left corner of the pic is in there too! There’s no link to any picture in December because I didn’t upload them anywhere yet. But I want to say, Thank you for those who bother looking at my stuff, being the greatest friends to me, it absolutely means everything to me that you support me. Thank you for being here.

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